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All of us heard about the straight up and photoshopped Portland Idle Org opening and that could logically signify they have to have done the fund boosting and after that wrapped up the making.

Specifically Richard- LRH’s two most beneficial targets were finding people today audited to Clear and OT and have people today skilled in large quantities to be able to audit Other individuals to these states

Whilst the Scientology religion owes a spiritual credit card debt for the Japanese faiths, it had been born inside the West. Scientology beliefs are expressed during the technological language of the mid-twentieth century.

Mike, thanks for this most up-to-date edition of truth inclusive of the two actuality and your educated eval. All I could visualize though reading through This is often exactly how much money has long gone into MEST when alternatively it could have been invested in theta. With All of this money, how Many of us could have long gone Clear, the amount of auditors could have been experienced, the amount of employees could have been backed to to guidance the generating of Scientology’s two sole solutions.

Scientology is just not a dogmatic religion in which just one is requested to just accept anything at all on religion alone. On the contrary, a single discovers for oneself the principles of Scientology are true by making use of its rules and observing or going through the final results.

Ok, you realize You aren't conveying all the things consequently you happen to be lying. Scientology believes that an alien or galactic overlord named xenu ruled numerous planets billions of years in the past.

Scientology addresses the spirit—not the human body or thoughts—and believes that Gentleman is way over an item of his atmosphere, or his genes.

Most effective Solution:  To be a Scientologist of above forty many years and owning researched the doctrine I do not know of any weird beliefs. Scientology just isn't a belief primarily based system. What is true is simply true if we use the rules (tools of life) and it works.

Actually, the little bit about pricing increases commencing after LRH died isn’t true. While in the mid nineteen seventies (’seventy six?) prices began increasing five% month to month and continued this way For a long time and yrs. IMHO, that’s when it started to turn into a money equipment. Don’t misunderstand — I’m all for money security. But in some ways, which was the top of “if it’s not entertaining, it’s not Scientology.” There was a continuing drive to usher in folks with more money on the Superior corporations, to move them swiftly scientology beliefs on death outside of “frequent orgs.” It didn’t acquire far too long before the whole point became a status-oriented Business. Levels of purity, of position, of regard. Through the late seventies and early nineteen eighties, the LA region was previously divided into “those who are real Scientologists” (those that were being functioning all the way down to Flag routinely) and those who are “not scientology beliefs drugs real OTs” (individuals who weren’t contributing sufficient $$$).

You already know I see folks complaining about DM having all this money this and All of this money that. I don’t imagine that its about money. I think its a lot more sinister. With all this awareness and time taken up on properties the real prepare is to stop Everyone likely spiritually free. Fail to remember the money, its not significant.

"[18] Mary Farrell Bednarowski, composing in the united states's Different Religions, equally states that the outline from the Xenu mythology is "not completely unfamiliar for the historian acquainted with ancient gnosticism", noting that all kinds of other religious traditions have the observe of reserving specific texts to higher-level initiates.[19] Nevertheless, she writes, the Xenu Tale arouses suspicion in the general public about Scientology and adds fuel to "the claims that Hubbard's system will be the solution of his creative imagination as being a science fiction writer as opposed to a theologian."[19]

I don’t know what LA Org was really doing, but Rinder says they were being falsifying stats. If OC was, it absolutely wasn’t the amount of money stats, because I did some of People audits.

A government faction called the Loyal Officers finally overthrew Xenu and his renegades, and locked him away in "an Digital mountain entice" from which he hasn't escaped.[fourteen][23][27] Even though the site of Xenu is typically said being the Pyrenees on Earth, this is really the location Hubbard gave in other places for scientology beliefs on abortion an historical "Martian report station".

According to L. Ron Hubbard, everytime a child is born, these "Thetans" enter the child. Hubbard claims that as many as 100s of thetans could enter Just about every newborn

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